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Welcome to Dunwood Tree Services, where tree removal and maintenance are more than our service—they are a commitment to excellence. We’re completely focused on providing timely and tailored solutions for all your tree service needs.

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Properly caring for a tree doesn’t always mean tree removal. Our knowledgeable staff can provide an honest and thorough assessment of the best solution. We want to keep your home’s landscaping pristine while also ensuring your yard and driveway are safe from any potential damage.

When it comes to tree care, it might be tempting to complete the job yourself. Tree trimming or removal is best left to the pros. At Dunwoody Tree Services, our tree experts are aware of the dangers involved with working at heights above ground level and near power lines. We also have the experience and equipment necessary to complete the work safely. Don’t risk injury to yourself.

Leave it to us and our professional tree care experts. Contact us today at 770-691-2485 for a free estimate and consultation. 

Tree Removal

We’re dedicated to providing honest and reliable service. We will only recommend tree removal service if it’s necessary. That also means no fear tactics or attempts to upsell our services. Our tree service specialist can determine whether the tree is a safety hazard that poses any danger or if it just requires care. 

If a tree removal job is the best course of action, our experts in tree service will complete the removal safely. We leave your property in better condition than we found it. Our tree removal team will remove and haul away the tree in addition to any debris.

Some tree care needs are more urgent than others. In some cases, emergency tree removal may be needed. We will dispatch our tree removal specialists as quickly as possible to assist. In search of an affordable tree removal service in Dunwoody, GA? Give us a call at 770-691-2485 to schedule an appointment. 

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Looking for affordable tree trimming services? We know it’s the key to keeping trees healthy and beautiful.  At Dunwoody Tree Services, tree trimming and pruning are essential to tree maintenance. Hanging or unwieldy branches can also be a safety hazard. Our team of expert tree specialists and certified arborists can also advise when trimming is a better course of action than removal.  Shedding unsightly tree limbs can increase the long term health of the tree.  

We specialize in tree pruning and trimming for several objectives. Want to remove large tree branches for safety? Or just want to improve the structure of your tree for a more aesthetically pleasing look? No problem. We’re a full-service tree company that will always strive to provide the best solution for each customer.

Looking for professional and affordable tree service in Dunwoody, GA. Look no further. Reach out to us at at 770-691-2485. Our team is expertly equipped to tackle a range of tree service needs.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding services that can offer homeowners many benefits. Grinding tree stumps can greatly enhance your yard’s appearance and leave your property looking much better. Stump grinding also comes with many functional benefits. It also opens up more possibilities for homeowners to utilize their yards. 

You can add landscaping features (gardening, walkways, etc) or simply take advantage of the additional. Stump grinding services can also improve the value of your home. Our experienced team is prepared to safely and efficiently grind the stump down to the roots. We even offer stump removal as another option for our customers. 

At Dunwoody Tree Services, we’re eager to help you get rid of that unsightly stump and get more out of your property. Interested in getting a free estimate on stump grinding or removal? Contact us today at 770-691-2485 and get assistance from your local tree care pros in Dunwoody. 

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